Role Play Rules .: Read + Sign

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Role Play Rules .: Read + Sign Empty Role Play Rules .: Read + Sign

Post by ChocoLuv - Admin on Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:50 am

Read all the rules and sign (:
If you are posting a Role Play, fill out the form and I will tell you if you are accepted.

What IS a role play?
-Basically it's like a play. You are in a story, making up things as you go.

1. No violence
2. No foul words
3. The Role Play must be appropriate. If it isn't, report it.
4. All members should be included, not ignored
5. Don't exclude any members.
6. All the BM rules count.
7. Don't advertise anywhere about the Role Play.
8. Have a fun & safe time! (:

Make sure if you are creating a Role Play to see if there already is a roleplay that has your topic.

Current Roleplays:

BM Name:
Role-Play Name:
Agree to rules:
Will you be active:
Wait for me to accept you.

Feel free to PM me.
ChocoLuv - Admin
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