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Credit Contest~~ Empty Credit Contest~~

Post by ChocoLuv - Admin on Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:27 pm

Referr the most members onto Bearville Madness and get Bearville credits!
First place- {Only one accepted} 2 credits
Second place- 10,000 BB {Only two accepted}
Third place- 2,500 BB {Only 5 accepted}

Your referred member MUST be active.
This contest expires 10/21/12.
The winner will be announced 10/15/12.

Your member MUST HAVE AT LEAST 20 posts to be counted as a referred member.
One account p/ member. If this rule breaks, you will be automatically disqualified.
If you just joined after being referred, you MAY enter.
No arguing.

Every time you get a member to come here, and they get 20 posts, fill in this form:
BM Name:
New Member's BM Name:
Do they have at least 20 posts?:

1rst place- min. 10 members
2nd place- min. 6 members
3rd place- min. 4 members.

Your referred must be always active.
If they just register and that's it, or they only post 4 times, they don't count as a member.

Good luck.
-BM staff.

Feel free to PM me.
ChocoLuv - Admin
ChocoLuv - Admin

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