A Beginner's Guide to Bearville Madness

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A Beginner's Guide to Bearville Madness Empty A Beginner's Guide to Bearville Madness

Post by ChocoLuv - Admin on Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:35 am

Before posting everywhere and doing your stuff on Bearville Madness, read this guide so you know your way around.

Remember, no posting in this blue and this red.

1. Profile
At the forum bar, there are a list of buttons horizontally lined. (Home, Dates, FAQ, search, etc) Click on Profile.
A. Avatars
Avatars aka Avvies, are your profile picture. For ex., above a member's name has an image. That is their avatar. To edit this, click on Profile and click Avatar. Upload your image.
B. Signatures
Signatures aka Siggies: After every post most users have a siggie. Mine is "Feel free to PM me". To edit this, Profile>Signature
C. Friends
Everyone needs friends. Profile>Friends&Foes. Type in your friend.

2. Thanks
The thanks button adds to the user's reputation. If they helped you, click Thanks.

3. Vote
Vote if the user's post was helpful, not helpful. Click on the "+" or "-" butons on the side of their post.

4. Post Topics
Go to any section of the forum and click Post Topic

5. Reply
Go to the bottom of the topic and type your repy in the box.

6. Report
If you see a rude/innapropriate post or anything click on the report button. Need your topic closed? Report it and list your reason. Then click Save.

Any more questions, see the FAQ place. If your question isnt there, ask us here.

Feel free to PM me.
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